Water found on Mars! Evidence of ancient lake in pictures sent by NASA’s Curiosity Rover!

NASA is still involved in obtaining data about Mars as part of its ongoing mission there. One of its objectives is to search for water on this Red Planet. Because life can exist anywhere where there is water. Its Curiosity rover is constantly roaming the surface of Mars in an attempt to find any signs of past or possible future life on this planet. The rover has discovered a significant location on Mars in this direction, suggesting that water may have previously existed there.

Water found on Mars

According to the latest pictures of Mars released by NASA, there must have been a lake of water on this planet. This indicates that water may have been present on Mars. New evidence of this has been discovered by Curiosity Rover. The agency has suggested that it may be the remains of a long-gone lake. These remains have been discovered in the Sulfate Bearing Unit, a unique region of Mars. Researchers in the past thought that the rocks that originated here were shrinking. Because there were signs like waves on them. But so far, scientists consider it as evidence of an ancient water source.

According to Ashwin Vasdav, Curiosity project scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, this is the largest example of water and waves the mission has ever seen. He claimed to have climbed many feet in this lake, but no such evidence has been found so far.

According to NASA, millions of years ago, the waves of the shallow lake would have made these marks in its bottom, which would have been preserved on the rocks over time. These marks were found here on Mount Sharp, hidden under a granite outcrop. The Curiosity rover attempted to collect some samples here as well, but the agency claims that these rocks were too challenging for the rover to break through.

The Mars Project is still ongoing, and NASA is constantly looking for signs of life there. Recently a scientist suggested that Mars may have once had an ocean. The current top priority for human endeavor is the search for life on planets other than Earth. As part of this mission, NASA continues to provide updates on rocks and other objects discovered on the surface of Mars. Now that there is evidence of an ancient lake on Mars, the search could be taken in a new direction. It is possible to find more evidence of life on Mars.

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