A New AI DJ is Launched by Spotify, Fits in Your Pocket

To better personalize the music listening experience for its users, Spotify today debuted a new AI feature called “DJ” ahead of its upcoming Stream On event, where the company will showcase a redesigned home feed. And other updates are expected to reveal. Spotify’s DJ function, which is similar to a radio DJ, will play a carefully chosen selection of music that Spotify calls “stunningly realistic sounds,” along with AI-powered analysis of songs and artists.

According to the company, the concept is for Spotify to know users so well that the DJ can choose what to play for you when you hit a button. Alternatively, Spotify claims to have “an AI DJ in your pocket”.

AI DJ is Launched by Spotify
AI DJ is Launched by Spotify

For users who don’t feel like telling Spotify what to watch next or stumbling around the interface to find a playlist they like, the feature aims to make Spotify a leaned-back, passive experience. There is potential.

AI DJ is Launched by Spotify

Currently only accessible to Spotify Premium subscribers in the United States and Canada, the OpenAI-powered feature is in beta testing as of the time of today’s launch.

It was only a matter of time before Spotify released its own take on how contemporary AI can be used to enhance its personalization experience, given that the wider technology market is now ready to use AI advancements. Focuses on new methods.

In this instance, the business claims that its new DJ feature is a synthesis of its current personalization technology, an AI voice from its 2022 purchase of Sonantik, and generative AI through the use of OpenAI technology.

Instead, Spotify claims that in order to expand its knowledge of music, artists and genres, it gave its music editors, experts, screenwriters and data curators access to OpenAI’s generative AI technology. According to the firm, the technology is being used to create “culturally relevant, precise pieces of commentary at scale”.

The new DJ feature will present listeners with a personalised stream of music that will mix both recent releases and time-honored favourites as they interact with it. We believe that this stream will be continuously updated. They will also hear commentary that is immediately followed by the music it refers to as they listen.

The DJ’s voice is based on Javier “X” Jernigan, Spotify’s Head of Cultural Partnerships, who previously hosted the podcast “The Get Up,” the company’s inaugural show. The fact that the business calls their voice the “first model” for the DJ feature suggests that there are plans to eventually broaden the selection of voices.

On the Home tab of the Spotify iOS or Android app, go to Music Feed, and then press Play on the DJ card to start listening. The DJ will then begin playing a selection of songs and brief commentary.

We can confirm that during quick tests of the feature ahead of launch, the voice sounded real, even when personalized content was added, such as references to bands you stream frequently, during its launch. In terms of song selection, it didn’t seem much more remarkable than a custom Spotify playlist at first. But in theory, DJs will get better with experience.

The DJs start playing the music you streamed last year after you’ve tapped through several initial recommendations. This separation took us by surprise as we expected the memories to be covered in recent songs. The DJs switched genres as we scrolled through the suggested tracks once more.

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